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Lung Biopsy, Lung Diagnosis, Dr Sam Hare

CT Lung Diagnosis


Dr Hare has a detailed and extensive knowledge of both chest X-ray and chest CT scan interpretation. He offers a highly specialised, comprehensive radiological assessment of a wide range of respiratory conditions including: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); acute and chronic bronchitis; lung infections; tuberculosis (TB); pleural disease; lung fibrosis; lung nodules and lung cancer, including lung cancer screening.


Your GP, specialist or chest consultant may well have requested a chest X-ray and/or chest CT scan to investigate respiratory symptoms (e.g cough, breathlessness). Dr Hare also offers a specialist imaging second opinion on chest X-rays and chest CT scans.


Dr Sam Hare works closely with experienced respiratory physicians and chest specialists in the private sector, such as: 

- Dr Dean CreerConsultant Chest Physician

Dr Mike Beckles, Consultant Chest Physician

- Dr Rama Vancheeswaran, Consultant Chest Physician

- Mr Eric Lim, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon


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